Have you ever wondered how a Dubai business consultant can help you build your business? When starting a business, there are many things to think about. From the initial planning process to the day-to-day tasks of maintaining your business. It can be hard to feel confident that you’ve covered your bases, especially when you’re new to business ownership. This is where a Dubai business consultant comes in handy! 


Why every entrepreneur in Dubai should work with a business startup consultant 


Dubai is a global city for those who want to take advantage of its opportunities and business infrastructure. It is no wonder that people flock here in their millions every year to reap the many benefits. However, if you don’t know the process of setting up a business in Dubai, it can be overwhelming.

Hiring a Dubai business consultant can take care of all the details for you, from setting up your business, applying for visas, and obtaining licenses and permits, to assisting with human resources and accounting needs. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your business off the ground, with someone else to do business with, hiring a business startup consultant is the way to go! 

Here are 3 reasons why hiring a dedicated business consultant to handle your business needs is the right decision for you and your business in Dubai.

We provide customized assistance to meet your business needs 


At LEO Invest, our experienced consultants have helped hundreds of business owners turn their ideas into a tangible, profitable reality. Whether it’s an online business, an IT business, a retail company, or a coffee shop you want to start, we can give you expert advice on the company you choose to meet your business needs.

We take a bird’s eye view to ensure the success of your business 

When starting a new business in Dubai, sometimes the unexpected happens. It’s normal to have initial problems when starting your business. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in many companies, large and small, so we know exactly how to solve any problems that may arise. We are here to guide you every step of the way so you can manage the potential of your new business.

We also work on legal issues 

Worried that you are missing out when it comes to the legal process of starting a business? Relax, we’ve got you covered. We can take care of the fine print so you can be sure all your legal bases are covered. This gives you more time to focus on what’s most important to you – your business! 

How can a Dubai business placement service help you?

What is better than a one-stop service to manage all the details of setting up a business in Dubai? It doesn’t matter if you are new to the business sector or you are a long-established company in the UAE. Here’s an overview of what’s included and how a business service provider can help. 

Dubai business services: details 

We offer carefully selected packages for every growing business. Each plan is designed with the customer in mind, so you can relax and hand over important and complex tasks to a professional. Explore our comprehensive portfolio of services, which includes three plans to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and needs. If you are a growing business, a growing business, or next generation business, we have the perfect service for you. 

Dubai Business Services: Basics 

Sometimes, you just need things taken care of when it comes to starting a business. Tasks such as opening a bank account, processing documents, and navigating UAE government requirements are important parts of any business in Dubai. Some important Dubai business services to consider include: 

Opening a business bank account 

Corporate Compliance Management (ESR and UBO Compliance) 

VAT, accounting, and tax services 

health insurance 

Dubai Business Services: Add-ons 


Then you have to think about the work side of business management. This is where business consultants in Dubai can help. Setting up a website, email account, financial services, and the contact point is an important part of any successful business in Dubai.

Some important operational tasks include: 

IT services and websites 

Legal services 

Information management 

Virtual hosting service

Business Services Dubai: PRO Services 

If the thought of dealing with the many documents required to establish yourself in the UAE or Dubai market gives you a headache, you should consider PRO Services.

With LEO Invest PRO Services, you can sit back and let us take care of all the tedious paperwork. We provide the best professional support that increases your business productivity.


So what are PRO Services? 

PRO services are provided by Public Relations Officers, who are also Government Relations Officers. The process of setting up and registering a company in Dubai is detailed, including legal approval and the economic development of Dubai. PRO staff have experience in UAE law and can provide services including regulatory documents and performing administrative work related to UAE government agencies. Some parts of a PRO representative’s job include helping employees, while other jobs follow your company’s training and operations. At LEO Invest, our PRO services for UAE companies help extend the legal process in an easy and stress-free manner. We work closely with the Dubai government to ensure your business is set up properly from the start. As part of LEO Invest’s PRO service offering, we can help you with many important tasks.

Some of them include:

  • Emirates ID card application and processing 
  • Employment and immigration card processing 
  • Commercial license applications or other licensing arrangements 
  • Visa Permits – i.e. family visa, work visa, residence visa, and tourist visa

There is a lot to be said about professional business consulting services in Dubai. When you hire a company planning professional, you won’t have to worry about navigating the boundaries of UAE government regulations. Finally, you can rest easy knowing that we have taken care of all the time-consuming paperwork and important (albeit annoying) things that come with setting up a business in the UAE. 

UAE Golden Visa service 


If you want to live in the UAE for a long time, you can consider the Golden Visa. Obtaining a Golden Visa is a ticket to long-term residence with many benefits for you, your family, and your business. The UAE Golden Visa started in 2019 to attract talented professionals, students, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to the country. It offers many benefits to UAE citizens and expatriates. The Golden Visa program differs from most international visa programs in that applicants are allowed to stay for 10 years.

There are also different benefits for Golden Visa holders in different UAE. For residents of Abu Dhabi, you have access to a variety of health, real estate, hospitality, insurance, banking, and housing services.

Benefits of UAE Golden Visa 

  • Long-term residency in the UAE: The Golden Visa grants the cardholder a 10-year residency. This means security and stability for you and your family during your stay in the UAE.
  • No need for local support: This eliminates the long and complicated process that is usually part of any residential application. If you are a Golden Visa holder, you do not need a local sponsor to work, study and live in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
  • You own 100% of your local business: For qualified foreign investors, investors, and business owners, you can have full ownership of your business operating in the UAE. Add business partners or family members to your Golden Visa: This allows everyone connected to you, your life, and your work in the UAE to enter the same visa application.
  • Open travel within and outside the UAE: So having a Golden Visa gives you the same travel rights as a UAE citizen. Use the Golden Visa to travel for work or pleasure whenever you like.

Of course, our team can help you with the Golden Visa application process. The application process can take 2-4 weeks, but we are here to help in any way.

Dubai Business Services: Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I set up a business in Dubai without the help of a consultant? 

The answer is yes. But just because you can doesn’t mean it’s the best idea for you and your business. The United Arab Emirates is an open country with many opportunities for expats to start and develop businesses. However, for newcomers to the area, practical knowledge is useful. Without it, you can waste time, resources, and money on avoidable business setup pitfalls.

Knowing how to navigate the territory of what comes with starting a new business, the government regulations involved, and how to maximize future growth can help you start your own successful business. in a simple way. Of course, that’s where an experienced and knowledgeable business consultant comes in. Getting help from a professional can increase the success of your new business.

Should I set up my business in a UAE free-zone?

Choosing between a free zone and a free zone for your business depends on a few factors. First, consider the nature of your business, what the business needs you to have, and whether there is room for future business growth. Free zones and options for setting up on land have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, deciding what is right for you may require careful consideration.

Setting up in a free zone is a popular option for many entrepreneurs. It serves as a launching pad for many new businesses, especially if you are a foreign entrepreneur. There are currently 50 free zones in the UAE, and a request for any start-up looking to succeed is evident.

Some of the benefits of doing it yourself in a free zone include: 

  • 100% foreign ownership 
  • Unlimited profit recovery 
  • There are no personal or corporate taxes 
  • Easy setup for new businesses 
  • Lots of networking opportunities

However, each region also has its own restrictions and laws. Therefore, for some business owners, the opportunity for greater growth often takes advantage of the free zone. This is where UAE land may be a more suitable option.

Is UAE Mainland right for my business? 

Setting up on the ground allows you to trade directly in the UAE market and beyond without restrictions. Instantly, this serves as a great resource for businesses looking to expand locally and overseas. In addition, if you establish yourself on the ground, you can apply for government contracts, which further opens up your prospects as your business progresses.

In this case, seeking help from Dubai business services can save your life. Having a well-thought-out process and talking to a professional with experience doing business in the UAE and Dubai is beneficial. They will be able to guide you to the right license to set up your new business. 

Corporate planning services in Dubai at LEO Invest 

At LEO Invest, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes grow quickly and efficiently for over a decade. We know the ins and outs of doing business in Dubai and can help you avoid the common pitfalls that many new businesses fall into. If you are looking to start or expand your business in this amazing city, you need the help of an experienced consultant. The list of things to do can seem endless, whether it’s getting your money in order, creating a marketing plan, or hiring employees. And that’s just the beginning! 

You already have to think.

Luckily, LEO Invest offers good business advice and ends in Dubai. So if you’re ready to start a business or take your business to the next level, contact us today for a free consultation. Contact our team of business design experts in Dubai. 

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