The TRN is one of the most important legal identities for any business operating in the UAE. The UAE government is efficient and quick in dealing with any attempted TRN and commercial fraud; However, despite the government’s sincere efforts, TRN fraud is nothing new in the UAE. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about TRN Verification Dubai to avoid fraud in your business.

Such fraud harms the entire business community, consumers, and governments. Not only do the companies lose money, but the target audience can also damage their credibility.

It is important that business owners, entrepreneurs, and customers fully understand the Dubai TRN Verification process; it takes less than a minute and you can check the TRN in progress. Let’s go through the process step by step.


What is TRN in the UAE? 

TRN stands for Tax Registration Number, a unique number assigned by the Federal Revenue Authority (FTA) of the United Arab Emirates to each business. All businesses need a TRN to file their taxes and deal with businesses and government agencies. 

Is TRN the same as Emirates ID?

A newcomer to the UAE can easily confuse the TRN with the Emirates ID as they both have 15 digits. However, note that they differ in appearance and purpose.

Emirates ID is used for personal identification, while TRN is used for businesses. The UAE government requires UAE citizens and residents to apply for an Emirates ID card and keep it with them at all times.

On the other hand, TRN is only necessary for all companies in the United Arab Emirates to conduct all business transactions and declare legally. The issuers for TRN and Emirates ID are also different. As an individual, you must apply to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) to obtain your Emirates Identity Card. If you are a business owner, you must apply to the Federal Revenue Authority (FCA) to register your business and obtain a tax registration number or TRN.


Why do you need a corporate TRN in the UAE? 

Business owners will require a TRN for all forms of communication with authorized and regulatory agencies. Here are some programs that will require business owners to have a valid business TRN: 

  • Preparation of tax invoices 
  • Tax credit 
  • Filing of VAT and tax returns 
  • Invoicing customers when VAT is available 


Why should you do a TRN check in Dubai? 

The TRN serves as a legal identifier for businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The UAE government introduced VAT in January 2018 with a rate of up to 5% for businesses in various regions. The purpose of VAT is to make the UAE less dependent on oil and sustainable economic activity.

According to the tax system explained by ALE, when you pay your customers, you charge up to 5% VAT on the total payment made by the customer. There have been many cases where fraudulent companies without valid TRNs are charging VAT to customers, but not paying it to the government.

To stop this mistake, the UAE government has implemented a simple TRN Dubai and UAE verification process that allows consumers and businesses to verify their TRN online in no time. As a business owner, you cannot charge VAT to customers unless you have a valid TRN. This can get you into serious trouble, including fines and even suspension of your business license when you file your financial statements. Customers can easily complete the TRN Dubai verification to ensure that their money is going to the correct authority and that their VAT-paying business is entitled to VAT.


How to do TRN Dubai Verification: Step by Step 


The TRN UAE certification process is suitable for anyone with a smartphone or computer. Once a company receives a tax registration number from the AFC, the database registers the company as a shipper. Anyone can visit the FTA website to check the registration status of a business. Here’s how you can do it.

Previously, FTA required users to register on their website with credentials to complete UAE TRN verification. Registration is now available to anyone, guaranteeing a good understanding of the process.


Dubai TRN Review: Visually detect bad TRN 


All TRNs have a number pattern that you can easily identify. Before going to check it online for TRN Dubai verification, you can check the figure and see if it has the correct procedure.

TRN always starts with 100 and consists of three sets of four digits. So, the structure is like this: 100-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

When you see any of the following, it may indicate a false TRN: 

  • There is no specific quarter 
  • Don’t start with 100 as the first three numbers 
  • There is no correct method

Once you have visually verified that the TRN is in the correct order, you can confirm it online using TRN Verification.

TRN Dubai Review: Federal Revenue Authority (FTA) website. 


Here’s how to check a company’s TRN in a few simple steps.


Step 1: Visit the FTA website to verify the TRN 


The FTA website has a direct link where you can confirm your TRN. The link is: https:/ /

If you don’t have that specific link, a quick Google search for “TRN verification UAE” or “TRN verification Dubai” will take you to the relevant FTA web page.

Step 2: Enter the TRN number 

Once you reach the TRN UAE confirmation page, you will see a text box to enter the TRN and another text box to enter the captcha or security code provided. Carefully enter the TRN that you will find on your payment receipt, invoice, or business document. Enter the security code correctly and click or tap “Validate”. 

Step 3: Check TRN Dubai Result 

After clicking “Validate”, the website will link the entered TRN to its transaction database.

If the database finds a match with a valid registrant, it will display a text saying “TRN is in the system”. The window will also display the legal name of the company in English and Arabic.

On the other hand, if the database does not find a match, the text saying “TRN is not in the system” will appear. This process ensures that the business you conduct as a consumer has a tax registration number to operate legally in the UAE. You should also verify your TRN as a business owner to ensure that your customers can still verify it. 

How to report fraud in TRN Verification Dubai 


Not having a valid TRN when shipping to customers and VAT is like fraud and crime in the UAE. Customers should report such reports if they find a fake TRN through visual inspection or TRN verification in the UAE. Fortunately, the process for reporting a fake TRN is very simple. You can contact FTA by phone or e-mail. Contact FTA by phone: 600 599 994 

Contact FTA via email: 

How to get the right TRN for your business in the UAE 


Now that you know how to do a TRN verification in Dubai, what if you don’t have one and want to get it for your business in the UAE?

The FTA allows businesses in the United Arab Emirates to apply for TRN registration online through the FTA online service portal. Go to this link:, and open your FTA account registration.


When you register, the website will provide you with a resource detailing the document requirements. Where you will need to provide all your business details including the following information: 

  • Company Type 
  • Business status and whether it is in a free zone in the United Arab Emirates 
  • Registration process (compulsory or voluntary) 
  • Contact details of the business owner.

When applying for a Dubai tax registration number, you will need to provide the following documents that are duly scanned:

  • Partnership agreement (for partner companies) 
  • Principles of association 
  • Emirates passport or identity card 
  • Any other document contains resource information 

Additionally, you will also need to provide your company’s bank details. If you do not carry out the work yourself, you will need to provide contact details for a designated business manager whom the authority can contact for legal purposes.


Conclusion: Ready to take the next step with TRN Verification Dubai?

Over the past few years, the UAE government has planned to transform Dubai and the UAE into a global business hub and reduce the country’s dependence on an oil-based economy. Promoting the TRN Dubai certification process is one of the steps taken by the UAE government to create a business-friendly environment. The UAE now offers many growth opportunities for foreign investors. It takes less than a week to register your business in the UAE and get started. LEO Invest helps you start your business in UAE in no time. You can find comprehensive VAT and tax advice and comprehensive business planning principles at LEO Invest. When operating your business in the UAE, make sure it has a valid TRN and goes through the UAE TRN verification.

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