Educational Consultancy

You may have an intention or a desire to set-up a new University, School, open a new university Branch campus of an existing University, set up training institute, but before you embark on such, there are certain documentation and plans you need to know and follow.

Just like any other business, you need a well-thought-out business plan for your educational institute. An academic plan is also required to run a successful educational institute. It will be unwise to start a private University, a Training Institute, without the necessary documentation and proper planning. We have experience in getting a license for educational institutes In Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. We will help you get started and with information on the necessary process of obtaining a new license for the same. opening a new University in Dubai or Abu Dhabi requires a professional hand. We can assist you in the Institute for the approval process to policy, recruitment process, marketing, and lots more. If you need approval from ADEC, KHDA, CAA or any other education authority in the UAE, then we will help you out. We can help with documentation to set up a university.